#2418 - The Big Fat Beach Down Island Weekend


FOLLOW ALL LEVEL 2 REGULATIONS CONTACT TRACING WILL BE IN PLACE SCAN QR CODE, TEMPERATURE CHECK AND DISINFECT HANDS ON ARRIVAL 遵守所有2級防疫規定 將採取實名制 報到時請掃QR Code,量測體溫以及消毒你的雙手 ******** WHAT? ********* ******蝦咪****** Down Island in Kaohsiung baby! Yeah, it’s not Bali, but tough shit – ha ha you can’t get to Bali. So come to the beach and have fun at DI. Sign-up here: https://forms.gle/C6fZ6sCWo9RQpdd39 歐耶~~~高雄我們來啦!!!!好啦,我知道不是峇厘,但是...哈哈,這時機你根本不能去峇厘啊!! 所以快來參加Down Island,一起在沙灘上享樂吧~~ 報名聯結 : https://forms.gle/C6fZ6sCWo9RQpdd39 After almost all the other big hash events were cancelled this summer, finally this is your chance to let rip in the furthest place possible from Taipei. I’m not talking about shuffling off to the corner for a silent one after too much bean soup. I’m talking more beautiful trail and scenery than you can shake a stick at, dancing on the bar and enough beer, beach and sunshine to satisfy even the most pent up and frustrated hashers. 幾乎這個夏天本來所有要舉辦的hash大型活動都被取消了,總算這是你可以在最遠離台北的地方起肖的機會。我可不是說在喝了太多無聊飲料後拖著腳走到角落里安靜地呆著。我說的可是讓你可以搖擺的很多美麗山徑跟風景,在酒吧裡跳舞,還有很多很多的啤酒,海灘,陽光,即使是最壓抑和沮喪的 hasher也一定會得到滿足。 Come with us to the jewel of southern Taiwan, as we cram every holiday you’ve missed this summer into a weekend extravagance of fun and debauchery. This year we’re staying on on Cijin island beach, a mere 60m from the sand and beach bar. Perfect for, hmm yeah well I know what you shameless lot get up to on the beach. 快來跟著我們去探索那台灣南方的寶石吧~我們把你今年夏天錯過的每個假期都塞進了這個周末的狂歡和放蕩中。今年我們將住在旗津沙灘附近,距離海灘跟酒吧只有短短的60公尺。非常地的適合…嗯…ㄟ…我知道你們這些羞羞臉人都在海灘上做些甚麼。 Friday: We’ll be in the beach bar from 6:30pm, join us when you can. Make your own way to Kaohsiung according to your work schedule and budget, choose cheap and slow or less cheap and fast (see below). Just don’t miss out on a fun first night. 星期五: 下午6:30開始我們都會待在海灘酒吧,你隨時可以加入我們。請自行依照你的上班時間跟預算抵達高雄,選擇便宜的,沒那麼便宜的,或是快的(請參照下方)方式,就是不要錯過開心的第一夜。 Saturday: AM Beach party followed by KH3 afternoon beach run – Our own Shitty Shrinkage and his KH3 co-hare Frozen Nuts have prepared a beach run to crown all beach runs. Jungle, monkeys, mountain trails and swimming. Followed by down downs on the beach. Like DI wasn’t enough fun already, Saturday is also an official joint run, there will of course be the chance for some friendly rivalry and bonding with our fellow KH3 hashers from down south. Saturday night bash, beach party and then special midnight run. 星期六: 早上海灘趴~隨之而來的是下午KH3舉辦的海灘run — 我們自家的Shitty Shrinkage和他KH3的副兔Frozen Nuts,準備了一條將可以稱霸所有海灘run的海灘run: 叢林,猴子,山徑跟游泳,然後會在海灘上舉行down down。好像還嫌DI不夠有趣似的,星期六甚至也是一個正式的聯合跑。大家將有機會認識切磋聯結一下我們身在南方KH3朋友們。 星期六晚上的bash, 海灘趴跟接著而來的”午夜特跑”~ Sunday: AM short hangover run on the island, then a relaxed and shady afternoon run on Kaohsiung’s forgotten Japanese mountain. Early bash start and finish time for everyone heading back up north. 星期天: 早上將會有短短的宿醉run,然後在高雄被遺忘的日本山上來個輕鬆陰涼的下午跑步。 Bash會提早舉辦,然後及時結束讓大家可以順利北上。 Places are limited, sign-up ASAP or risk missing out on what could be the best weekend of your life*. Sign-up here: https://forms.gle/C6fZ6sCWo9RQpdd39 Registration closes when all places are gone or else on Sep 20th. Alternative fact: DI has been described as “the highlight of my life” and “the pinnacle of my hashing career”. * You might get married, meet the love of your life, win the lottery etc while attending DI this year. 名額有限,報名從速,否則可能會錯過的是你一生中最美好的周末*。 報名聯結 : https://forms.gle/C6fZ6sCWo9RQpdd39 額滿後即停止報名,或是直到9月20日。 你應該知道的一個事實:DI 被描述為“我生命中的亮點”和“我hash生涯的頂峰”。 * 你可能會在今年參加 DI 期間結婚,遇到你一生的摯愛,中樂透等等。 ********* WHERE ********* *****哪兒****** Kaohsiung. Cijin Island Beachfront accommodation is 60m to the sand. https://goo.gl/maps/6Fm7TiXSofij6Td88 高雄,旗津區 海濱民宿,距離沙灘60公尺 https://goo.gl/maps/6Fm7TiXSofij6Td88 Run starts are within the city area and easily accessible by public transport. Runs explore the amazing coast and scenery near the city. Sunday run and bash are within stumbling distance of the Zuoying HSR station and nearby the bus terminals. 跑步起點位於市區內,搭公共交通工具就可輕鬆抵達。用跑步來探索城市附近令人驚嘆的海岸和風景吧~ 星期天的run 和 bash 位於左營高鐵站的步行距離內,靠近巴士總站。 ********* Price ********* 4000 NT Includes Saturday + Sunday runs, 2 bashes, 2 breakfasts, beers, vodkas, beach front accommodation (2 nights), DI gift, beach party Does not include lunch, there are loads of markets and stuff around the hotel. 費用4000台幣 包括週六 + 週日跑步、2 個bash、2 份早餐、啤酒、伏特加酒、海濱住宿(2 晚)、DI 禮物還有海灘趴~ 注意不包括午餐,住宿點的周圍有很多市場和東西可以自行採買 ********* HOW? ********* Walk: Free. (3 days) one way Bus: 600 NT (5h) one way Express train: 843 NT (4h) one way HSR: book early and get 1043 NT (30% off) 1192 NT (20% off) 1341 NT (10% off), 1490 NT full price (1h40 / 2h) one way 如何去? 用走的:免費 (3天)單程 巴士:600 NT (5小時) 單程 自強號:843 NT (4 小時) 單程 高鐵:看你多早訂票 — 早鳥票1043 NT(30% off)1192 NT(20% off)1341 NT(10% off),1490 NT 全價(1h40 / 2h)單程 FAQ How are we doing this when every other major hash event has been cancelled, since Co-fifi came to town? Restrictions on gathering sizes have been relaxed now and practically speaking, renting private busses was and is almost financially impossible (can only fill to 50% capacity) so we have a city based DI. Make your own way to and from Kaohsiung via public transport. Travel within the city is easy and cheap via pubic transport. Why are we doing this? Is it safe? Restrictions have been lifted to the point where it’s not irresponsible to travel around the island anymore. We will be following all COVID protocols – hand sanitising, temperature checks, QR code contact tracing. If you don’t feel safe coming, then stay at home for now. We look forward to welcoming you back to the hash when things are back to normal and you feel safe to re-join us. 常問問題 自從疫情限制以來,當所有其他主要hash的大型活動都被取消時,我們為何可以還是舉辦DI?現在對聚會規模的限制已經放寬,但實際上,要租用私人巴士對我們的財政幾乎是不可能的(因為規定只能 50% 的容量),所以這次我們將有一個基於城市的 DI。請自行搭乘公共交通工具往返高雄。通過公共交通工具在城市內旅行既方便又便宜。 我們為什麼這樣做?安全嗎?限制已經解除到不再不負責任地環島旅行的地步。我們將遵循所有的防疫規定——手部消毒、測量體溫、掃QR cord實名制。如果你還是覺得來這裡不安全,那麼就請呆在家裡。當一切恢復正常並且你覺得可以安全地重新加入我們時,我們期待著歡迎你回到hash。********* COVID ********* Use hand sanitizer before giving the hash cash money. 請在給Hash Cash前先消毒你的手 If you are at all worried about COVID-19 then stay home. 如果你擔心病毒問題,請你待在家裡不要來 If you are a higher risk demographic please stay home. 如果你是高風險族群,請你待在家裡不要來 This is for your safety and you can attend at your own risk. 這攸關你的安全及健康,請自我斟酌負責是否來參加 ********* Dick Check ********* Although we want you to have fun on the party bus and other hash events, remember that you being drunk isn’t an invitation to grope, harass someone or generally be a dick. Any inappropriate behavior will be met with an immediate 1 year ban from all Taiwan Hash events regardless of your gender and sexual orientation. We’re here to have fun and that’s it! Just remember, think about your mother before you act, that should get rid of your horn! **給全部跑友的提醒** 我們希望大家都在聚會和派對上玩得開心,但請注意,就算喝醉也不代表你可以隨意去摸來摸去、騷擾別人或是變成一個混蛋。當我們發現有任何不適當的行為發生,不論你的性別或性向是如何,我們將馬上禁止你一年內不得再來TwH3聚會或派對! 請記住,我們來TwH3開心的,請大家三思而後行! ********* Disclaimer ********* 1- First time runners! Bring a change, set of clean clothes and shoes. Trail might be muddy, crossing rivers may happen, and hares are responsible if it is raining. (Blame them during the down-downs) 2- hashers bringing first time runners, please, be in charge to babysit them along the trail. 3- It is recommended to 1st Time runners to bring their cellphone on the trail. 4- This is a running event, it may include trails, climbing, snakes … runners are informed they are RESPONSIBLE for their OWN safety. Late Walkers/Runners will be rescued if missing at the finish line… 5- Eat before to join to avoid low blood sugar pressure 6- this event is including alcoholic beverages, please be responsible and don’t drive 1- 第一次來參加的兔友們,請攜帶更換的衣服及鞋子。路線可能會泥濘,也有可能會穿越一些河。如果下雨的話,就怪兔子吧(你可以在down down時唸他們一下)!! 2- 帶第一次來跑的兔友們,請自行負責照顧你的朋友! 3- 我們建議第一次來跑的朋友們,帶著你的手機一起跑,以備不時之需 4- 這是一個跑山的活動,這代表會有未開發的小徑、攀岩、蛇等等,參加者自行對自身安全負責。遲到或是走比較慢的兔友,我們如果發現你沒回到終點,我們會去找你。 5- 參加此活動前,請確保你來之前吃些東西,避免低血糖血壓狀況發生 6- 這是一個提供酒精飲料的活動,喝酒不開車,開車不喝酒

When & Where

October 1, 2021 (6:00 pm) – October 3, 2021 (6:00 pm)