Welcome to the wonderful world of Hashing. What awaits you is… regrettable. Taiwan Hash is simultaneously the best and worst thing you can do on a Sunday in Taiwan. I am sure you have many questions, I shall try to answer them here.  

If you want to know more about Hashing in general click the button below. If you are more interested in the logistics of your very first hash run (the cherry pop) then keep scrolling. 

What is a hash?

What should I bring?

First and foremost a healthy thirst and a desire for adventure.

More importantly you should bring trail running shoes (preferably new) and a set of your most fashionable shorts and running shirt. 

A towel is advised of course as we are all students of Douglas Adams. 

Also a set of fresh cloths to change into after, we dont want you stinking up the down down circle do we?

New runners are advised to bring their cellphone on trail to aid in rescue proceedings.

How Much?

Hash runs cost NT$250 for men and NT$200 for women. This price includes a superlative run, as much beer as you can drink afterwards, sports drinks, water, light snacks and the potential for a not completely terrible day.

When you arrive at the run ask for the “Hash Cash” who will grin smugly as they take your hard earned dollars and turn them into alcohol.  Don’t feel too bad though your second run is free. 

If you do arrive late an the hash cash is nowhere to be found worry not! Our Hash Cashes are exceptionally well trained in the art of extracting cash from runners, they will find you and they will charge you.

How long?

Hash runs generally fall between 7-10km in length with some elevation involved. Hares try to design the runs in such a way that you can run them within 90 minutes or walk them within 2 hours. 

Bring some water with you and enjoy, dont get disheartened if you find it tough, we all do at the beginning. As a first time runner please bring your cellphone on trail with you for the first run and make sure you have contact with another runner. 

If you get lost on trail we will go back to get you please track back to the last flour mark you passed and wait patiently. Take solice in the knowledge that , despite our best efforts, in nearly forty-five years we have not managed to kill/mame/injure or lose a runner yet.


Runs can be anywhere in and around the Northern Taiwan area. Usually our runs are accesible by public transport with realtive ease. Occasionaly we track further off the beaten path and organise a bus to ferry runners to the event and back home. Be advised is a run is a “bus run” that means we are organising a bus and there will be an additional charge for transportation of 200-400 depending on the situation. 

If you want to know where our next run is you can do so by checking out the Upcoming Runs section on our home page! If you are unsure of the directions provided you can try to contact us by talking to this asshole.

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