#2559 - A Trail of Flour and Chest Hair


On a sunny June day, it’s not hard to guess what Small Potential is doing: river tracing one of Taiwan’s many wet trails, wringing the sweat from his copious back fur and trying not to think about his complete inability to sexually satisfy his life partner. And Flasher, well, it’s not hard to guess what he’s doing at any time of year: he’s either running in a hash, running in a race, or running between a hash and a race. If he ever stands still for more than two minutes, he will explode. 在陽光明媚的六月,不難猜到 Small Potential 正在做什麼:溯溪於臺灣衆多溼漉漉的小徑之一,擰乾毛茸茸的後背的汗水,儘量不去想他完全無法滿足他伴侶的性需求這件事。 至於 Flasher,好吧,也不難猜到他平常都在做什麼,他要麼在跑Hash ,要麼在跑比賽,或者在跑 Hash 和比賽的空檔又去探路。如果他站在原地不動超過兩分鐘,他會爆炸的。 So when the two hairiest hashers agreed to hare, they knew they had to find a trail that combines all their interests and is also located far from all the elderly farmwomen who’ve banned Flasher for flashing and Small Potential for clogging their shower drains. Finding such a place was difficult, but, by probing deep into the annals of TwH3’s history, they found a location that’s longed for our return for decades. Like a virgin trail, run for the very first time. 因此,當 Hash 最毛茸茸的兩個人同意擔任兔子時,他們知道必須找到一條結合他們所有興趣的路線,並且遠離所有禁止 Flasher 脫上衣、露胸毛,和 Small Potential 掉毛堵塞淋浴排水溝的農場老婦人。要找到這樣一個地方很困難,但是,通過深入調查台灣健龍的路線史,他們找到了一個幾十年來一直渴望我們迴歸的山徑。這麼久沒用就像初夜般的一條處女山徑。 The course our hirsute hares have picked for us is out in Wanli, but well worth a relaxing party bus ride. The hares report it has everything you want for a summer hash: runnable trails, the cool embrace of shady trees, photogenic farmlands full of smokin’ hot elderly farmwomen, and river tracing, including 2-3 gorgeous swimming holes. They’re great for cooling off in the hot summer weather, which only gets hotter every time Flasher takes his shirt off, which is all the time. I’m just saying, the dude works out. Whew, is it getting hot in here, or is it Just Gay? 毛茸茸的兔子們爲我們挑選的路線是在萬里附近,搭上我們的派對巴士 就能輕鬆抵達! 兔子回報,這路線你想要的都有,夏天跑Hash 最棒的組合:可奔跑的小徑,涼快樹蔭的擁抱,充滿性感種田阿姨們的鄉村田園,以及溯溪!還包含2、3個可以直接跳進去游泳的地方,非常適合在炎熱的夏天降溫,夏天這麼熱而且 Flasher 脫掉上衣時,不知為何又變得更熱! 我說他是不是一天到晚脱衣服?!而且哎唷他到底多常去健身房呀?呼呼~邊說我都熱了起來 A word of warning: Walkers are advised to take the short route, as this week’s “short” is actually a “long,” and the “long” is actually “extra long” at over 12k! Seems a bit much. Perhaps Small Potential is compensating for something. And by “something” I mean “his tiny acorn of manhood barely perceptible above the dense forest of pubes that chokes his crotch like a primeval forest.” Whew, now it’s definitely getting hot in here! 提醒: 建議步行者走 S 短路徑,因爲本週的”短”實際上是”長”,而”長”實際上是”超長” 超過12公里! 看起來有點長。也許是Small Potential 要彌補某些短處。 我所說的”短處”是指他那如小橡實般的迷你男根,藏在他那茂密陰毛裡,毛茸茸像原始森林般長滿了他的胯下。呼呼呼~誰快幫我開個冷氣我受不了了! ******WHO? / 誰?****** Hare 主兔: Small Potential Cohare 副兔: Flasher ******WHAT? / 蝦咪******* A:A run / 路線:A to A L: 12km + 300m elevation S: 7.5km + 250m elevation From the hare: It’s an epic run in Wanli, and TwH3 has not hashed this area in a long, long, long time, we’re talking decades here! It has everything – agriculture, runnable trails, and river tracing, including 2-3 gorgeous swimming holes, great for cooling off in the hot summer weather. *******WHEN / 啥時******* Date: Sunday, June 23, 2024 Time: Hares off at 14:30 兔子兩點半起跑 *******WHERE / 哪兒******* 萬里玄武宮 https://maps.app.goo.gl/tturG1sjnrTbDz9u9 ******HOW? / 怎去******* This is a bus run! There are no public transportation options, so take the TwH3 bus or drive yourself. Comment “BUS ME (your hash name)” to sign up for the bus or email us by clicking Book Now *******PRICE******* Bus + Run = $600 for all Run only: Men $250 Women $200 *******BASH / 晚餐******* TBD

Book Now

mailto:taiwanhashhouseharriers@gmail.com?subject=TwH3 #2559 Inquiry

When & Where

June 23, 2024 (2:30 pm) – June 23, 2024 (6:00 pm)

萬里玄武宮 https://maps.app.goo.gl/tturG1sjnrTbDz9u9