#2556 - The 2:00 Start Time Run


Alert: This hash run starts early! Here is why: 注意⚠️:本週的路要提早從2:00開始起跑,為什麼呢? 請繼續往下看 From the basement lair of his sinister castle, the criminal mastermind Claw Hand was watching his minions carry out his nefarious plans through a television monitor. He had high hopes for his latest henchman, WEGO Shooter, who came highly recommended from Evil Human Resources. Nobody was sure if he had used a gun or a camera to shoot up the high school, but either way he was definitely evil. Claw Hand cackled a deep, throaty laugh while stroking his pussy, Claw Paw, who was purring in his lap. Today was the day he’d finally capture his nemesis, XiaoJiJi. Then, nothing could stop him from taking over the world and starting all runs early forever! 在邪惡城堡的地下室,罪犯首領 Claw Hand 正通過監視器盯著着他的手下執行他邪惡的計畫。他對他最新的爪牙WEGO Shooter 寄予了很高的期望,這是他從極惡人力銀行招募來的,惡人評分相當的高。不是很清楚他在學校裡偷射還是偷拍,但一定是些不可吿人的邪惡勾當。Claw Hand 發出邪惡的笑聲,一邊摸著他的猫咪 Claw Paw,牠正在他的膝蓋上呼噜着。今天即將是他抓住他的宿敵 XiaoJiJi 的日子,以後就沒有人可以阻止他讓我們每週都提早跑步了! “I have eyes on the prize,” said WEGO Shooter into his watch/communicator, spying through his camera lens as XiaoJiJi was jogging home with a bottle of monkey penis wine. “Bring me XiaoJiJi” growled Claw Hand. WEGO Shooter jumped down from his hiding spot right in front of the genitally-challenged GM, who was soon surrounded by a whole gang of Claw henchmen. “I have you now, XiaoPeePee,” said WEGO Shooter, trying to be clever. “You don’t scare me,” said XiaoJiJi, “I have three bus-loads of TwH3’s fastest, toughest hashers right behind me, would you believe it? Three buses.” “I find that hard to believe,” said WEGO Shooter. “Would you believe two cars full of mostly sober walkers?” “Still no.” “How about XiaoMeiMei on a scooter?” “我已經鎖定目標了,” WEGO Shooter 一邊長鏡頭監視一邊和 Claw Hand 用他的手表/通話器報告著 XiaoJiJi 完全不知情,快樂地提着一瓶猴子雞雞酒跑跳步正要回家。 “把 XiaoJiJi 給我拿下! ,” Claw Hand 低吼著一聲令下。 WEGO Shooter 從他的藏身之處跳下來,正好在那雞雞很小的GM面前,XiaoJiJi 很快被 Wego Shooter 還有其他爪牙包圍了。 “我终於抓到你了,XiaoPeePee,” WEGO Shooter 說着,還故意把名字唸錯。 “你嚇不到我的,” XiaoJiJi 說, “我身後不遠處有三輛巴士的 TwH3 最快、最强的跑者馬上就會跟上!” “三輛巴士?你覺得我會相信嗎?” WEGO Shooter 說。 “呃⋯那⋯兩輛車的不喝酒散步老人?相信了吧!” ”還是不信” Wego Shooter 搖搖頭。 ”那⋯XiaoMeiMei 騎摩托車在後面呢?” The henchmen circled closer. Claw Hand gripped the armrests of his throne tighter, riveted to the action on his screen. XiaoJiJi was almost out of options, but still had one secret weapon. “Go Go JiJi Smokescreen!,” he shouted, then pulled down his pants, bent over, and spun around in a circle while farting out a massive cloud of flour. The Henchmen coughed, and when the cloud cleared, all around them was white, and the GM was long gone. “Good thing my wife is a baker,” thought XiaoJiJi. WEGO Shooter activated the communicator, “I’m sorry, boss, but we lost him.” Claw Hand roared in anger, slamming his cybernetic arm on the table as Claw Paw yowled and ran away. “I’ll get you next time, XiaoJiJi! Next time!!” 邪惡手下們包圍越来越近。Claw Hand 緊緊握住他王座的扶手,緊盯着螢幕上的情况。XiaoJiJi 幾乎沒有其他手段了,但他仍有一個秘密武器。“去吧!看我的JiJi 煙霧彈!”他喊道,然後拉下褲子,彎下腰,在原地轉了一圈,同時放出一團巨大的麵粉屁。手下們咳嗽起来,當煙霧散去時,四周全是白色的麵粉,而 GM 早已不見蹤影。 “幸好我太太是位烘培師傅”,XiaoJiJi 邊跑邊想道。 WEGO Shooter 打開通訊器,“對不起,老板,但我們讓他跑了” Claw Hand 憤怒地吼叫着,用他的機械手臂猛拍桌子,Claw Paw 貓貓叫著嚇逃跑了。 “下次我一定會抓到你,XiaoJiJi!下次!!” ******WHO? / 誰?****** Hare 主兔: Claw Hand Cohare 副兔: WEGO Shooter ******WHAT? / 蝦咪******* NOTE – 2pm start time! A:A run / 路線:A to A S 7-8km + 300m elevation L 12-13km + 400m elevation (If you don’t reach the split by the provided cutoff time, you’ll need to run the S) *******WHEN / 啥時******* Date: Sunday, June 2, 2024 Time: Hares off at 14:00 兔子兩點起跑 *******WHERE / 哪兒******* This random spot (小野柳) 福泰翡翠灣渡假飯店 https://maps.app.goo.gl/qVsZeUv5URPbqgWi9 ******HOW? / 怎去******* Did we mention the run starts at 2pm today instead of 2:30?? Take bus 1815 from Taipei Main Station and get off at Green Bay *******PRICE******* Men $250 Women $200 *******BASH / 晚餐******* Xiao Wei Haichan Restaurant 小微海產餐廳 0224922339 https://maps.app.goo.gl/ni55xNQVnZ1M7nv17

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When & Where

June 2, 2024 (2:00 pm) – June 2, 2024 (6:00 pm)

This random spot (小野柳) 福泰翡翠灣渡假飯店 https://maps.app.goo.gl/qVsZeUv5URPbqgWi9