#2553 - Who Let the Dogs Hash?


Cock Hunter just can’t catch a break. First she gets caught out in a storm while on recce. Then her dogs get distracted by a deer and run away to hunt it. Then her co-hare gets distracted by some bitch and ran away to escape being smacked upside the head. Add to this the difficulties of running Taiwan’s premier dog-centric business empire—including her Dog Hiking Service, Canine Hot Spring Resort, Paw and Claw Nail Salon, and Puppy Bitcoin Exchange—and you can imagine she has had little time to find the perfect trail. Cock Hunter 總是不能喘一口氣休息。 首先,她在探路時被捲入一場暴風雨。然後,她的狗狗們被一隻鹿分心,跑去獵捕牠。又然後,她的副兔被一些婊子分散了注意力,逃跑了,以免被擊中頭部上方。 再加上在臺灣經營以狗爲中心的商業帝國的困難,包括提供她狗狗的徒步旅行服務,犬溫泉度假村,爪爪美甲沙龍和小狗比特幣交易所~你可以想象,她幾乎沒有時間去尋覓完美的路線。 Luckily, with an army of four-legged friends scouting for her, she found the ideal offering for the mangy mutts of Taiwan Hash, up in her old hunting grounds of Laomei with some of the saltiest cocks in the north. Here is where Cock Prey Love goes to polish his hunting skills and his knob, and where Tiny Balls goes to cry when he thinks no one is recording. The trail promises to be dog friendly: Nina and Nio both gave it two paws up, and Sunshine gave it four out of five tail wags! 幸好有四條腿的盟軍在幫她找路,她在以往的雞雞狩獵場—老梅,找到了給 Taiwan Hash 髒兮兮的笨蛋們的理想選擇,那裏有北方最濕鹹的雞雞們。 這裏是 Cock Prey Love 去磨亮他的狩獵技巧和雞雞的地方,也是 Tiny Balls 會跑去哭的地方,因為他認爲那裏沒有人會錄音。 這條小徑有望成爲狗狗友善路線,Nina 和Nio 都給上兩爪級的讚譽,Sunshine 甚至給了它五分之四的尾巴搖搖! ******WHO? / 誰?****** Hare 主兔: Cock Hunter Cohare 副兔: Cock Prey Love ******WHAT? / 蝦咪******* A:A run / 路線:A to A L: ~9km, 250m elevation S: ~6km, 200m elevation (Your feet will get wet on both L&S) *******WHEN / 啥時******* Date: Sunday, May 12, 2024 Time: Hares off at 14:30 兔子兩點半起跑 *******WHERE / 哪兒******* Shimen Kite Park Parking 石門風箏公園停車場 https://maps.app.goo.gl/S3joM7wpRdYcAvZZA ******HOW? / 怎去******* MRT to Tamsui Station, then bus 862 or 863 to Laomei and walk 400m Plenty of parking on site for drivers *******PRICE******* Men $250 Women $200 *******BASH / 晚餐******* Feng Cun Pingjia Seafood Restaurant 豐村平價海鮮餐廳 0226380567 https://maps.app.goo.gl/7EmBu6rzSSqZb5EH9

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May 12, 2024 (2:30 pm) – May 12, 2024 (6:00 pm)

Shimen Kite Park Parking 石門風箏公園停車場 https://maps.app.goo.gl/S3joM7wpRdYcAvZZA