#2549 - Sgt. JiJi's Horny Hearts Club Run


MEANWHILE, at the secret TwH3 headquarters / sex dungeon / beer brewery, the trailmasters are reviewing several run proposals prepared by Get By with a little help from his friend, Just 卓育群. He starts by unrolling a map. “What do you think,” asked Get By, “does it worry you that it’s too long?” “That’s the entire Formosa Trail,” said Tiny Balls, “can you pick something shorter?” “Fine,” said Just 卓育群, “how about this one? It’s only 42km.” “That’s a marathon,” said Second Man In, “and where is this? I don’t recognize the place names.” “It’s *the* marathon, in Greece,” said Get By cheerfully, “We’ve done bus runs, so how about a bus, train, plane, another bus, and donkey cart run?” “Yeah, no,” said Lick a Slower Spick. 場景來到台灣健龍的秘密總部(性地牢和啤酒釀酒廠),路線組正在審查 Get By 修改無數次的眾多提案。 這一次 Get By 胸有成竹,因為他的朋友也搭了把愛心小手手。他展開地圖,詢問卓育群:「你覺得如何?104公里會不會太長?」 Tiny Balls 大驚:「跑 Formosa Trail 全段?路線可以短一點嗎?」 「好吧,那這一條路線如何?只有42公里。」卓育群勉為其難的說。 「這距離等於馬拉松了!而且這是哪裡?」Second Man In 指著地圖十分困惑的發問。 「馬拉松的話,當然要在希臘!」Get By 的雙眼和頭頂同時亮了起來,興奮地說:「巴士特跑不稀奇了,要不咱們來一次巴士+火車+飛機+公車+騎驢子?」 Lick a Slowerer Spick 突然冒出來抗議:「才不要!」 “Fine, how about this one? It’s only a dozen kilometers and almost 700m climb.” The trailmasters groaned in unison. “Sorry, no Maple Semen-style Elevation of Death run for my month as GM,” said XiaoJiJi. “And this one?,” asked Just 卓育群. “That’s the same trail but backwards,” said Cum This Way. “How about this one,” asked Get By, “you’ve got to admit it’s getting better.” “That’s all road,” said XiaoJiJi, “we are dragons, not horses. Less 馬路, more farms and water.” “Ugh, fine, we have one more suggestion,” said Just 卓育群, checking his app for one final GPX file. The trailmasters looked over the map, then huddled together. “It’s not too long or too short.” “It’s not too high or too low.” “It ends by a delicious bash place.” “It’s beautiful!” “You’re beautiful!” “I told you, not in public.” “Then it’s agreed!” The trailmasters turned to the hares. “We accept your proposal!” “Hooray,” said Get By, “I knew it would be love at first sight. Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.” Get By 妥協道:「好吧,這樣如何?這一條路線只有十幾公里,而且爬升不到700米。」 路線組操著不同國家的語言,此時卻齊聲呻吟。小雞雞哀嚎:「四月換我當班 GM,我不想再吃一次 Maple Semen 百匯的階梯吃到飽。」 卓育群問:「這一條路線可以吧?」 Cum This Way 立馬反駁:「你只是同一條路逆著跑!」 Get By 再次提案:「那就這樣那樣…」 「噢不,這是柏油全餐。」小雞雞補充道:「來點農田和水圳,我們不是台灣健馬,不要一直跑馬路啦!」 「這是我們最後的提案了。」卓育群打開他的手機,路線組擠成一團看著小小螢幕上的GPX路線,紛紛回應:「不過長、也不算短」「沒有爬高高,也不是city run」「這家餐廳好吃耶」「正值油桐花開的季節,好美!」 路線組同時看向兔子們:「幹得好,提案通過!」 Get By 如釋重負,然後哼起披頭四幫他寫的歌: Oh, baby I get by (By with a little help from my friends) I said, I’m gonna get high (High with a little help from my friends) Yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m gonna try (Try with a little help from my friends) Keep on gettin’ high ******WHO? / 誰?****** Hare 主兔: Get By Cohare 副兔: Just 卓育群 ******WHAT? / 蝦咪******* A:A run / 路線:A to A L – 7.6K 400M S – 5.4K 255M *******WHEN / 啥時******* Date: Sunday, April 14, 2024 Time: Hares off at 14:30 兔子兩點半起跑 *******WHERE / 哪兒******* Random spot near Haishan Station! 海山站附近 https://maps.app.goo.gl/LPdeQCu5WSkyK5Qg6 ******HOW? / 怎去******* MRT to Haishan station, then walk *******PRICE******* Men $250 Women $200 *******BASH / 晚餐******* 大掌櫃啤酒屋土城店 0222602650 https://maps.app.goo.gl/hUP22ugUsAGxSXjJ9

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When & Where

April 14, 2024 (2:30 pm) – April 14, 2024 (6:00 pm)

Random spot near Haishan Station! 海山站附近 https://maps.app.goo.gl/LPdeQCu5WSkyK5Qg6