#2537 - Plan B to Garden City


TwH³ #2537 – Plan B to Garden City What is the best part of a Maokong hash run? Is it the clean air outside the city? The fresh scent of tea plantations and tittering of birds and squirrels? The difficulty of reaching the place by public transportation that makes you feel like a 19th century explorer, which is what you will role-play in bed that night? No, you fool! You dunce! You Hsinchu hasher! It’s obviously the bash location, with the wide open spaces and the acoustics that let the entire district know for kilometers away that down-downs are happening. 貓空亂最棒的點在哪裡?遠離城市、潔淨的空氣?飄散著清香的茶園?總在未見之處玩耍的松鼠和鳥兒們的嬉鬧聲?不方便的交通,讓你如19世紀的探險家(晚上在床上玩的角色扮演)? 當然不是!你又不是傻子或笨蛋,我們也不是新竹捷兔。派對才是最棒的點!貓空所擁有的寬廣、開闊的空間,以及嗨到整座山的人(被迫)一起參與我們的噹噹。 Unfortunately, our usual Maokong bash location has banned all hashers from its premises forever. Nobody knows why. Some say it’s because we don’t clean our shoes before entering the restaurant. Unfair! Hashers can’t drink out of clean shoes! Some say it’s because our dogs piss everywhere. Nonsense! Most of that piss is definitely human! The most outrageous accusation is that the table down-downs bother the other customers. What!? Who could possibly find the soothing harmony of table down-downs even slightly annoying? 不幸的是,我們經常舉辦噹噹派對的貓空餐廳,已經禁止我們再次踏入,沒有人知道原因。有些人說,因為我們進入餐廳前沒有把鞋子洗乾淨,這不合理,都已經洗到不知道被認為多少次是新鞋了!有些人說,因為我們的狗狗會到處撒尿,真是胡說!狗狗們那麼可愛乖巧,會到處亂噴液體(當然是指啤酒)的明明是人類。 最令人惱怒的指控,是噹噹歡鬧聲打擾到餐廳的其他客人了,我就問,有人知道如何能安靜的完成Table蕩蕩嗎? That leaves us with two choices. Rather than deflower a virgin bash location in Maokong with a one night stand, our hare for the week, Bull’s Eye, has proposed a run in Garden City, south of Xindian. It’s a gorgeous location and we have not run there in a long time, so the Bash location forgot about last time and foolishly welcomed us back! Give Me Beer has also agreed to cohare, because there will be beer. [There is always beer, but he apparently doesn’t know that.] Let’s return to greener pastures on the Green Line, and plant our flags like sexy, sexy 19th century explorers. 這下子我們剩下兩個選擇了,讓我們的兔子 Bull’s Eye 在新店的南邊—花園新城另闢蹊徑,而不是在貓空染指另一家未經人事的餐廳,一夜之後從此不相見。 那個美麗的地方已經很久沒有人灑麵粉了,所以那邊的餐廳也已經忘記我們上回做過的蠢事,並且歡迎我們的到來。Give Me Beer 也答應擔任副兔了,只要花園新城有啤酒就好(總有啤酒可以喝啊,但他顯然不知道)。 天涯何處無派對,讓我們忘了貓空吧!如同迷人的19世紀探險家,在更尚青之地,插下我們的旗幟。 ******WHO? / 誰?****** Hare 主兔: Bull’s Eye Cohare 副兔: Give Me Beer ******WHAT? / 蝦咪******* A:A run / 路線:A to A L: 7.5 km + Elevation: 500 m / 爬升: 500 m S: 6 km + Elevation: 320 m / 爬升: 320 m *******WHEN / 啥時******* Date: Sunday, January 21, 2024 Time: Hares off at 14:00 兔子兩點起跑 *******WHERE / 哪兒******* 花園新城湖興士鷄山荘 (start from bash) https://maps.app.goo.gl/H3B5h8FmXTJJyPJ68 ******HOW? / 怎去******* From near Xindian MRT, take bus GR3 to Huayuan Xincheng stop. Follow -red- chalk arrows for 1 km to the run start. Google翻譯說:從新店捷運附近搭乘GR3號公車至花園新城站。沿著紅色粉筆箭頭行駛 1 公里到達跑步起點。 *******PRICE******* Men $250 Women $200 *******BASH / 晚餐******* 花園新城湖興士鷄山荘 0226666700 https://maps.app.goo.gl/H3B5h8FmXTJJyPJ68

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January 21, 2024 (2:00 pm) – January 21, 2024 (6:00 pm)

花園新城湖興士鷄山荘 (start from bash) https://maps.app.goo.gl/H3B5h8FmXTJJyPJ68