#2529 - The Masterbators of the Hashiverse Run / 哈希宇宙大濕亂


Sheman woke in the morning and stepped outside, and took a deep breath and got real drunk, and screamed from the top of their lungs, “R U?” From far in the distance, somewhere over the treetops in Neihu, a bright beam of light shone to the sky and they heard a voice reply, “On On!” It was the sign: co-hare Shiny Light had found the sacred Amulet of Man Tits! There was no time to lose. Sheman pulled out the Power Sword buried in their box of exotic sex toys, held it up towards the heavens and screamed, “By the Power of Redpoint… I HAVE THE POWER!” transforming into… well, still Sheman, but much less sober and a little more tanned for some reason. Pointing the sword at their pet Shiba Inu, the cowardly puppy was transformed by the power of the Sword into a mighty EasyPass, which Sheman used to reach Neihu Station on the Brown Line. 姐姐一早起來,走到了外面,深吸一口氣且喝得酩酊大醉,從靈魂深處大聲叫出,「阿~~~優~~~?”」在遠處,內湖的樹梢上方,一道明亮的光柱照向天空,他聽到一個聲音回應「ㄤ~~ㄤ~~!」這是一個暗號,副兔林務局長找到了神聖的男乳護身符! 沒有時間可以浪費了。 姐姐拿出埋藏在異國性玩具盒裡的動力劍,將其舉向天空,大叫道:「透過紅點啤酒的萬能力量……我有力量!」轉變成……好吧,還是姐姐,但由於某種神祕的原因,至少比較清醒了,而且莫名曬得更黑。 接著將劍指向他們的寵物柴犬,這隻膽小的狗勾被劍的力量變成了強大的優遊神獸,姐姐利用它到達了棕線的內湖站。 Meanwhile, at the Ministry of Forest, Shiny Light was preparing her equipment for the trail, drawing up magical sigils in chalk and packing up a magical climbing rope that she found in Sheman’s sex toy box for some reason. “Where have you been, sister?” she asked as Sheman burst through the door. Except it wasn’t Sheman, but their evil nemesis known only as ‘Skeletal Handjob.’ “Where is the Amulet of Man Tits?” he said in a strange accent. “You will never find it,” said Shiny Light, “for I have buried it deep in the forest, on a path obscured by checks. By the time you find the trail, Sheman will have arrived to stop you.” Skeletal Handjob laughed the carefree laugh of someone about to finally not be GM. “Sheman will not be coming! I cursed him with the Spell of Sobriety! You are helpless now!” “Not if I can help it,” said a voice from the door. “Gasp!,” gasped Shiny Light, “It’s… it’s… Will Skeletal Handjob triumph? Who is the mysterious replacement hare? Has he ever been dicked? Tune in Sunday for the next episode! 同時,在林務局,林務局長正在準備她的裝備,用粉筆畫出魔法符號,並收起她出於某種原因在姐姐的性玩具盒中發現的魔法攀岩繩。 「姐姐你去哪兒了?」 當姐姐衝進門時,她問道。 只是那不是姐姐,而是他們的邪惡對手,江湖人稱”骷髏手工活”。 「男乳護身符在哪裡?」” 他用一種奇怪的口音說。 「你永遠找不到它的,」林務局長說道,「因為我把它埋在森林深處,埋在一條被check覆蓋的路徑上。當你找到蛛絲馬跡時,姐姐就會趕到並阻止你。」”骷髏手工活” 大笑起來,就像一個終於不用再當會長的人一樣無憂無慮的笑聲。「姐姐不會來了!我對他下了永保清醒咒!你現在無能為力了!」「在我眼下絕對不會發生 !」門外傳來一個聲音。「喔!! 天!! 」林務局長喘息道,「這是……這是…… “骷髏手工活”會勝利嗎? 神秘的救援兔子是誰? 他有被頂過嗎? 請在這星期天一起見分曉! ****** WHO / 誰 ****** Hare 主兔: Sheman / 姐姐 /// Never Been Dicked / 沒有被頂過 Cohare 副兔: Shiny Light / 林務局長 ****** WHAT / 蝦咪 ****** A:A run / 路線:A to A Long: 8 km + Elevation: 400 m / 爬升: 400 m Short: 6 km + Elevation: 300 m / 爬升: 300 m ****** WHEN / 啥時 ****** Date: Sunday, November 26th, 2023 Time: Hares off at 14:00 兔子兩點起跑 ****** WHERE / 哪兒 ****** Jinrui Zhishui Park 金瑞治水園區 https://maps.app.goo.gl/m23kM2xWpJqSXUg2A ****** HOW / 怎去 ****** Take the Brown Line MRT to Neihu Station, then walk 20 minutes to the run start. 搭棕線到內湖站,然後走20分鐘到起跑點 ****** PRICE / 價格 ****** Men / 男人: $250 Women / 女人: $200 ****** BASH / 晚餐 ****** 嚐虹海鮮熱炒 https://maps.app.goo.gl/yZS118fF1u5eiXKe7

When & Where

November 26, 2023 (2:00 pm) – November 26, 2023 (6:00 pm)

Jinrui Zhishui Park 金瑞治水園區 https://maps.app.goo.gl/m23kM2xWpJqSXUg2A