#2520 - The Sweet and Sour Rabbit Soup Run/糖醋兔子湯亂


Recipe for Hasher Stew, by Limp of Shame and Homohobo 1) Take bus all the way down to Wulai, or be one of “those” hashers and ride your bike or run-to-run all the way there for maximum pre-hash sweatiness. 2) Batter the GM in flour. (Chef’s tip: Aim for his eyes!) 3) Let hounds marinate in Super Supau for 15 minutes while the hares garnish the trails with periodic dustings of flour, knowing that everyone will complain about bad markings no matter what. 4) Run continuously under the sun for 5-7 kilometers, enjoying runnable trails as freshly cut as Limp of Shame’s meticulously manscaped nethers, through forests as thick and shiggy and full of bugs as Homohobo’s. 5) Enjoy scenic views and catch your breath as the race-ists pass by you. We’ll all meet up at the checks anyway. 6) Rinse off the sweat and mud in not one, but two river sections to clean your filthy asses and play with the hares, because we’d be a drinking club with a swimming problem if we could. 7) At the A-point, stuff the hares and hounds with a mixture of cold lager and Pringles. Peel off the sopping wet shoes and socks: our GM loves the aroma. 8) Lightly roast the hashers with jokes and games at their expense, regularly basting them with beer so they don’t get too dry or sober. Trim off and discard excess dignity. (Chef’s tip: Limp of Shame may try to give someone a hash name. Ignore him.) 9) Wash off the sweat-and-beer marinade and boil the hashers in Wulai’s famous hot spring water at the bash location for as long as it takes the hares to convince everyone this was the trail of the year. 10) Hasher Stew is served hot and sexy, to be drunk out of plastic cups, new shoes, hot chicks’ bellybuttons, and sunken chests. Accompany with a bottle of Taiwan Classic and a side of more Taiwan Classic. Hash燉菜食譜,作者:羞恥跛行(Limp of Shame) 和 恐同森(Homohobo) 1) 坐公車一路殺到烏來~或是當”那些”Hasher之一,騎單車或是一路跑到起跑點,已獲得真正起跑前最大的出汗量。 2) 將會長好好的沾上麵粉。 (大廚小秘訣:瞄準他的眼睛!) 3) 用舒跑讓獵犬們醃製個 15 分鐘,然後兔子們在這時可以適當適時的撒放麵粉來裝飾路徑,反正我們知道無論如何都會有人抱怨標記不好。 4) 在陽光下連續跑個 5~7 公里,享受像羞恥跛行精心修剪的下體一樣新鮮開闢的可跑路徑,穿過像恐同森一樣茂密、毛茸茸、充滿蟲子的森林。 5) 欣賞風景,當那些速度崇拜者從你身邊經過時喘口氣。 反正不管怎樣,我們都會一起卡在check。 6) 可以在不是一個而是兩個溪流處清洗掉你的汗水和塵汙,讓你的髒屁屁變乾淨並與兔子們玩耍,因為如果可以的話,我們將會變成一個有游泳問題的喝酒團體。 7) 回到起跑點,將冰啤酒和品客洋芋片的混合物塞入兔子和獵犬體內。 脫掉濕搭搭的鞋子和襪子:我們的會長愛死這種香味。 8) 用笑話和遊戲來慢火烘烤hasher,並適時的用啤酒塗抹他們,這樣他們就不會變得太乾或是太清醒。 修剪然後丟掉多餘的尊嚴。 (大廚小秘訣:羞恥跛行可能會試著給人兔名。不要理他。) 9) 沖掉汗水和啤酒醃料,然後在bash餐廳用烏來著名的溫泉水煮hasher,直到兔子們說服所有人這是今年最棒的路線。 10) 最後hash燉菜上桌時又熱又性感,可以用塑膠杯、新鞋、辣妹的肚臍和凹陷的胸部來喝。 附贈上一瓶經典台啤跟更多更多的經典台啤。 ****** WHO / 誰 ****** Hare 主兔: Limp of Shame / 羞恥跛行 Cohare 副兔: Homohobo / 恐同森 ****** WHAT / 蝦咪 ****** A:A run / 路線:A to A Long: 7 km + Elevation: 300 m / 爬升: 300 m Short: 5 km + Elevation: 250 m / 爬升: 250 m ****** WHEN / 啥時 ****** Date: Sunday, September 24, 2023 Time: Hares off at 14:30 兔子兩點半起跑 ****** WHERE / 哪兒 ****** Wulai Old Street 烏來老街 https://maps.app.goo.gl/6pK8Cc2LPA9FoSH86 ****** HOW / 怎去 ****** Public bus 849 leaves every 10-15 minutes from Taipei Main Station, Chiang Kai Shek MRT, Taipower Building MRT, Xindian District Office MRT. 849公車每10~15分鐘從北車、捷運中正紀念堂、捷運台電大樓或是捷運新店區公所站出發 ****** PRICE / 價格 ****** Men / 男人: $250 Women / 女人: $200 ****** BASH / 晚餐 ****** 阿嬤的店 https://maps.app.goo.gl/3XzbK9QotUWqbAVXA

When & Where

September 24, 2023 (2:00 pm) – September 24, 2023 (6:00 pm)

Wulai Old Street 烏來老街 https://maps.app.goo.gl/6pK8Cc2LPA9FoSH86