#2523 - The Red Tide Run


On a particularly red-stained stretch of sidewalk near Baishawan beach, Dr. Binlang was waiting impatiently for Village Idiot to finally show up, huffing and puffing. “You are 0.35 seconds late. Das ist unacceptable for a hare!” said Herr Doktor. “Sorry, the bus was slow. Something about an unusually heavy passenger. But I promise you, this run site is worth it. Look how beautiful the beach is!” said Village Idiot. “Ja, but all the way to New Taipei? It’s beautiful, but we might run into those untermenschen New Taipei Hashers.” “No chance, the trail is virgin. It’s freshly cut for the Taiwan Hashers only. The other kennels don’t know about it.” “Gut! Those New Taipei Hashers are strange. They don’t have funny names.” “No funny names?” “Ja, like the last run. Just Hu came first. Just Wan came second. Just Ya came third…” “Wait, who came in first? “Ja!” “Who?” “Ja.” “Ya came first?” “Nein, Just Hu came first.” “Do you normally have more than one person come in first?” “Nein.” “Nine!?” “Nein, just one.” “I thought Just Wan came in second?” “Ja” “Ya came second?” “Nein, Just Wan came second.” “I know just one came in second, but who?” “Came first.” “Who?” “Ja” “Ya came first?” “No, Hu came first.” “THAT’S WHAT I’M ASKING YOU!” “Yu? That’s their trailmaster!” Village Idiot fumed, Dr. Binlang spat on the ground, and the translator requested somebody else write these stories from now on. ****** WHO / 誰 ****** Hare 主兔: Village Idiot Cohare 副兔: Dr. Binglang ****** WHAT / 蝦咪 ****** A:A run / 路線:A to A 8 km + Elevation: 200 m / 爬升: 200 m ****** WHEN / 啥時 ****** Date: Sunday, October 15th, 2023 Time: Hares off at 14:00 兔子兩點起跑 ****** WHERE / 哪兒 ****** Baishawan 白沙灣 https://maps.app.goo.gl/s4HkGRUyQhQMdh4QA ****** HOW / 怎去 ****** This is a bus run! Please see the details and confirm your presence by answering ” Bus ‘your hash name’ ” in the pinned post below. 這次是巴士亂!!! 請在活動底下留言”巴士「你的兔名」” For drivers, there is a parking lot just next to the starting point. ****** PRICE / 價格 ****** Men / 男人: $250 Women / 女人: $200 ****** BASH / 晚餐 ****** 金都家常菜 https://maps.app.goo.gl/HnUvbzZ1BvG8ioW17

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mailto:taiwanhashhouseharriers@gmail.com?subject=TwH3 #2523 Bus Me

When & Where

October 15, 2023 (2:00 pm) – October 15, 2023 (2:00 pm)

Baishawan 白沙灣 https://maps.app.goo.gl/s4HkGRUyQhQMdh4QA