#2508 - The Fullmetal Attack on Naruto Run/火影忍者跑之鋼鐵攻擊亂


Two samurai meet on a battlefield in Sekigahara. One, Tokyo-Hot, once a legendary Yakuza boxer, now a bouncer at an exclusive LinSen BeiLu claw machine arcade. The other, Iron Midget, grandmaster and founder and sole practitioner of the world’s least popular kung fu style. “It seems neither of us is actually a samurai,” said Tokyo-Hot. “Indeed,” said Iron Midget, “this was a waste of a flight.” 兩個武士在關原之戰上相遇。 其中一個,東京狂熱(Tokyo-Hot),曾經是傳奇的黑道拳擊手,現在是林森北路一家特殊夾娃娃機店的保鏢。 另一個是鋼鐵侏儒(Iron Midget),世界上最不受歡迎的功夫流派之大師、創始人和獨一無二的修行者。 “看來我們倆都不是武士,”東京狂熱說。 “誠然,”鋼鐵侏儒說,“真是浪費了一趟飛行旅程。” “We must settle the differences between our clans in another manner,” said Tokyo-Hot. “I have a proposal,” replied Iron Midget. “I have prepared a trail in Xiaocukeng that is filled with difficult obstacles and much river tracing.” “Sounds challenging,” said Tokyo-Hot, “so we should let the hashers know this run is not suitable for children.” “Stay in character!” hissed Iron Midget. “我們得用另一種方式來解決我們氏族之間的分歧,”東京狂熱說。 “我這邊有個提議!”鋼鐵侏儒回答, “我在小粗坑備好了一條路徑,會有滿滿的困難障礙和很多很多的溯溪。” “棒也! 聽起來很有挑戰性,”東京狂熱說,“那所以我們應該讓大家知道這次跑步兒童不宜…” “人設不能崩壞!” 鋼鐵侏儒嘶嘶威脅。 “Then it is agreed! We shall meet on the trail, and determine once and for all who is the greater martial artist,” said Tokyo-Hot, who immediately composed a Haiku to commemorate the occasion: Two warriors bow. Cherry blossoms in the breeze. Mexican Handjob. “那就說好了!我們將在路徑上相遇,一勞永逸地決定誰是比較偉大的武術家。”東京狂熱說道,然後他振筆疾書了一首俳句來紀念這一個時刻: 兩名武士鞠躬 櫻花綻放在微風中 墨西哥手活工 ****** WHO / 誰 ****** Hare 主兔: Iron Midget / 鋼鐵侏儒 Cohare 副兔: Tokyo-Hot / 東京狂熱 ****** WHAT / 蝦咪 ****** A:A run / 路線:A to A Long: 9 km + Elevation: 450 m / 爬升: 450 m Short: 5 km + Elevation: 250 m / 爬升: 250 m ****** WHEN / 啥時 ****** Date: Sunday, July 2, 2023 Time: Hares off at 14:30 兔子兩點半起跑 ****** WHERE / 哪兒 ****** Xiaocukeng 小粗坑 https://goo.gl/maps/RtSgCLwHvHX5dw3M9 ****** HOW / 怎去 ****** Take the MRT to Xindian, transfer to bus 849 and get off at Xiaocukeng bus stop. Follow the flour to the run start. 搭捷運到新店站,換搭849公車到小粗坑站,然後跟著麵粉走到起跑點。 ****** PRICE / 價格 ****** Men $250 Women $200 ****** BASH / 晚餐 ****** 金詩味野菜餐廳 https://goo.gl/maps/Higcp3a9xQc2snwD8 Take the bus from Xiaocukeng bus stop and get off at Xindian Elementary School bus stop. 從集合點「小粗坑」公車站搭公車到「新店國小」下車。

When & Where

July 2, 2023 (2:00 pm) – July 2, 2023 (6:00 pm)

Xiaocukeng 小粗坑 https://goo.gl/maps/RtSgCLwHvHX5dw3M9