Throughout the years, Batman has joined forces with a variety of sidekicks/lovers, such as Catwoman, Robin, and that old butler dude. Few know, however, that the Masked Crusader keeps a special asset for when the mission is too dangerous – Shotgirl. 這些年來,蝙蝠俠跟許多的夥伴/情人一起聯手出擊,像是貓女啦、羅賓跟阿福。但,只有很少數的人知道,當任務太過艱難危險的時候,這些蒙面俠們還有一個秘密武器—酒國女英雄(Shotgirl)! Shotgirl stands head and shoulders above most other superheroes, with some even saying her power level rivals Superman. Her abilities revolve around taking shots of hard liquor, with kaoliang being her secret weapon. No matter the problem, Shotgirl has the answer, 酒國女英雄(Shotgirl)比大多數其他的超級英雄都技高一籌,甚至有些人說她的能力跟超人不相上下。烈酒千杯千杯再千杯是她的超能力,高粱是她的秘密武器。有任何問題? 酒國女英雄(Shotgirl)都有答案~ Too tired to chase the hare? She’ll give you shots ‘till you forget the fatigue. Got a cherry stuck in your arse at the Golden Run? Loosen up with a cup of beer. Dictator pointing nukes at your country? You’ll be besties after a few ganbeis of the good stuff. 追兔仔子追得太累了?她會給你千杯千杯再千杯,直到你忘卻疲勞。上星期的黃金越野跑時被櫻桃卡住你的屁股了? 她會給你啤酒放鬆。壞獨裁者用核武威脅你的國家?使用千杯千杯再千杯能力,包你立馬變成好朋友~ Relive the amazing adventures of Batman and Shotgirl by joining her on patrol this week. By “joining,” we mean chasing, as she’ll be the haring alongside Just Phil. Word on the street is some baddies are tiptoeing through the tulips around Shilin – we’ll convene there. 這個星期一起加入蝙蝠俠與酒國女英雄的正義聯盟來場棒棒的冒險吧!!我說”加入”其實是指”抓兔子”啦,你也知道這周的亂是酒國女英雄和就只是Phil做的。啊我們聽說道上有消息,有一些壞人正想要躡手躡腳地經過士林周遭的鬱金香–我們會在那邊集合! ******WHO? / 誰?****** Hare 主兔: Shotgirl 酒國女英雄 Cohare 副兔: Just Phil 就只是Phil ******WHAT? / 蝦咪******* A:A run / 路線:A to A 7 km + Elevation: 280 m / 爬升: 280 m *******WHEN / 啥時******* Date: Sunday, February 19, 2023 Time: Hares off at 14:00 兔子兩點起跑 *******WHERE / 哪兒******* Zhishan Park 至善公園 ******HOW? / 怎去******* Take red line MRT to Shilin and then follow the flour from Exit 2. 坐捷運紅線到士林站,然後從2號出口跟著麵粉走到起點 *******PRICE******* Men $250 Women $200 *******BASH / 晚餐******* 一級鮮熱炒 (Next to Zhishan MRT)

When & Where

February 19, 2023 (2:00 pm) – February 19, 2023 (6:00 pm)

Zhishan Park 至善公園