#2464- The BAT Out of Hell Run


******WHAT?******* 路線:A to A Short: 6.5 km Long: 9.5 km 短版:6.5km 長版:9.5km Elevation: 200m 爬升:200m Do you know the story of Peter Pan? A brother and sister get talking with a kid who gives them fairy dust which make them think they can fly and see pirates. Basically it’s harmless family friendly fun – Just like the trail our hare developed for the discerning yet slower “experienced” hashers of the BATH3. A scenic yet slightly vanilla daytrip adventure around the countryside. 你知道小飛俠的故事嗎?一對兄妹跟一個小伙子相談甚歡,然後他給他們一些天使塵,讓他們覺得自己會飛還看見一群海盜。完全無傷大雅又適合闔家觀賞對吧!就跟我們這次的兔子為一些挑剔但遲緩的BAT(北投淡水退休老狗團)跑友準備的一條在近郊、有風景、還有基情三溫暖的路線一樣。 This Sunday our hares are changing it up though – they will be channeling the spirit of the obese and flamboyant 80’s rock god that is Meatloaf. Just like he did, they have reimagined a slightly Peter Pan run to create a futuristic rocking adventure which borrows it’s name from the song and rebirth it was inspired by – get ready for the Bat Out of Hell Run! 本週日兔子有做點微調喔,他們延續那個八零年代過胖但華麗的美國搖滾歌手肉卷(Meat Loaf)的精神,重新詮釋成這個偏彼得潘風的路線,給你各位更具未來感的搖滾體驗,拭目以待這條借用肉卷知名歌曲名稱 – BAT Out Of Hell(北投淡水退休老狗過奈何橋)跑跑! On Sunday we will rock and roll our way around the best spots of Sanzhi. Air guitar is encouraged but optional. All the juicy bits that got left out last time have been added in to create a long run which is not to be missed. Just look at the pictures. 週日我們會在三芝一些超讚的景點又搖又滾,歡迎對空氣彈吉他但不強制,上次那些被錯過的路徑這次也加進了長版路線,不宜錯過,你各位看看那照片! If you went to the BATH3 run, I imagine you’re ready to do it again, or as an experienced hasher who was drinking on a school night you possibly don’t remember it. If you had to work on a Thursday and didn’t make it – now’s your chance! 阿如果你上次有去跑BAT,我想你已經準備好再跑一次了,或你是Hash老屁股上次明明隔天要上班還把自己喝斷片所以不記得了。總之BAT跑週四但你要上班沒跟到的話,現在是你的機會! Hare: Small Potential Cohare: Ass Dimples 兔子: Small Potential 副兔: Ass Dimples *******WHEN******* Date: Sunday August 28th 2022 Time: Hares off at 14:30 兔子兩點半起跑 *******WHERE******* Sanzhi, Beixinzhuang 新北市三芝區北新莊 Start from the bash restaurant: 從最後聚餐地點起跑: Ā mèi xiǎochī Restaurant 112之4號, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, 252 阿妹小吃 店子112之4號, 三芝區新北市252 https://goo.gl/maps/kGhH8BBBrEiqkf2m8 ******HOW?******* MRT + bus or taxi… probably better to get a taxi 可搭捷運+公車或計程車,建議搭計程車 Taxi: from Hongshulin station (probably the best choice) or from Danjin Beixin station on the red line extension…. which is closer, but with far fewer taxis around. 計程車: 捷運淡水信義線(紅線)紅樹林站或淡水信義線得支線輕軌淡金北新站出發,輕軌站會比較近但計程車比較少。 Bus: take the 866, 876 or 877 bus to the run start, but these are not very frequent…. get off at Guizishan Bridge stop. 公車: 搭乘866,886或877公車在龜子山橋站下車到起跑點,但這些公車班次不是很頻繁。 Drivers: There is parking at the restaurant but please leave some spaces in the parking lot for customers of the bash restaurant. 開車: 餐廳有停車位但請保留一些位子給餐廳的其他客人。 *******PRICE******* Men $250 Women $200 *******BASH******* Bash at the run start: 聚餐地點就在起跑點: Ā mèi xiǎochī Restaurant 112之4號, Sanzhi District, New Taipei City, 252 阿妹小吃 店子112之4號, 三芝區新北市252 https://goo.gl/maps/kGhH8BBBrEiqkf2m8 *******COVID******* Use hand sanitizer before giving the hash cash money. 請在給Hash Cash前先消毒你的手 If you are at all worried about COVID-19 then stay home. 如果你擔心病毒問題,請你待在家裡不要來 If you are a higher risk demographic please stay home. 如果你是高風險族群,請你待在家裡不要來 This is for your safety and you can attend at your own risk. 這攸關你的安全及健康,請自我斟酌負責是否來參加 *******Dick Check******* Although we want you to have fun on the party bus and other hash events, remember that you being drunk isn’t an invitation to grope, harass someone or generally be a dick. Any inappropriate behavior will be met with an immediate 1 year ban from all Taiwan Hash events regardless of your gender and sexual orientation. We’re here to have fun and that’s it! Just remember, think about your mother before you act, that should get rid of your horn. *給全部跑友的提醒* 我們希望大家都在聚會和派對上玩得開心,但請注意,就算喝醉也不代表你可以隨意去摸來摸去、騷擾別人或是變成一個混蛋。當我們發現有任何不適當的行為發生,不論你的性別或性向是如何,我們將馬上禁止你一年內不得再來TwH3聚會或派對! 請記住,我們來TwH3開心的,請大家三思而後行! *******Disclaimer******* 1- First time runners! Bring a change, set of clean clothes and shoes. Trail might be muddy, crossing rivers may happen, and hares are responsible if it is raining. (Blame them during the down-downs) 2- hashers bringing first time runners, please, be in charge to babysit them along the trail. 3- It is recommended to 1st Time runners to bring their cellphone on the trail. 4- This is a running event, it may include trails, climbing, snakes … runners are informed they are RESPONSIBLE for their OWN safety. Late Walkers/Runners will be rescued if missing at the finish line… 5- Eat before joining to avoid low blood sugar 6- this event is including alcoholic beverages, please be responsible and don’t drive 1- 第一次來參加的兔友們,請攜帶更換的衣服及鞋子。路線可能會泥濘,也有可能會穿越 一些河。如果下雨的話,就怪兔子吧(你可以在down down時唸他們一下)!! 2- 帶第一次來跑的兔友們,請自行負責照顧你的朋友! 3- 我們建議第一次來跑的朋友們,帶著你的手機一起跑,以備不時之需 4- 這是一個跑山的活動,這代表會有未開發的小徑、攀岩、蛇等等,參加者自行對自身安全負責。遲到或是走比較慢的兔友,我們如果發現你沒回到終點,我們會去找你。 5- 參加此活動前,請確保你來之前吃些東西,避免低血糖血壓狀況發生 6- 這是一個提供酒精飲料的活動,喝酒不開車,開車不喝酒

When & Where

August 28, 2022 (2:30 pm) – August 28, 2022 (12:00 am)

Sanzhi, Beixinzhuang 新北市三芝區北新莊