#2458- The Lone Ranger Run


FOLLOW COVID REGULATIONS: TEMPERATURE CHECK AND DISINFECT HANDS ON ARRIVAL 遵守所有防疫規定 ,量測體溫以及消毒你的雙手 ******WHAT?******* A:A run 路線:A to A Long: 8.5 km Short: 7 km Elevation: TBA 爬升:TBA Hare: Flasher Everybody knows that heroes fight outlaws and save citizens and cities from danger when needed. Every Sunday, TwH³ has a couple of heroes (the Hare and his/her Co-Hare) saving hashers from wasting their boring lives at home and offering them the chance of a great day out instead. 大家都知道超級英雄會打擊犯罪,並在必要的時候拯救人民脫離危險。 每周日,台灣健龍也有超級英雄雙人組(兔子與副兔)帶領跑友們走出家門,遠離無聊的生活奔向美好的一天。 This coming Sunday, our hero will be no other than Flasher. Few things you should know about Flasher are: – He is the current Metro Hash Trail Master – He knows more trails than anyone else in the island – He is the founder of the Run to Run group (bunch of losers) – He always runs alone – He will hare alone 本周日的超級英雄將由The Flasher擔綱露出呈現,以下關於他的一些小知識: -他是台北捷兔的Trail Master(路線擔當) -他是本島上知道最多路線的人 -他是跑去跑團的創始者(一群魯蛇) -他是獨跑俠 -他沒有副兔 Yes, in a Lone Ranger Fashion but without the mask, Flasher will offer us a Long (8.5K) and Short (7K) run in Badouzi, Keelung City. The trail will have fantastic views, guarantee!!! 是的,只差戴面具的獨跑俠Flasher在基隆市八斗子準備了一條長(8.5k)一條短(7k)的路線,保證會有超棒的風景! In Flasher own words: “You know that hasher from Hsinchu, “Likes it Long and Hard”?… This trail would be just right for her ?. I might pick up a flour bitch on the day”. 來自Flasher的話:你們知道新竹跑友”Likes it Long and Hard (喜歡長又硬)嗎?她來跑這條路線是適得其所蛤,然後當天應該會找一位當麵粉挑夫。 *******WHEN******* Date: Sunday July 17th 2022 Time: Hares off at 14:30 兔子兩點半起跑

When & Where

July 17, 2022 (2:30 pm) – July 17, 2022 (12:00 am)

Badouzi Lookout 八斗子觀景平台 https://maps.app.goo.gl/NfeHVoWeNSDN9kzH8